How Did Ancient People Communicate?


Currently it is December 21, 2012 and we have a language that we speak by. The ancient people did not have a formalized speech years ago. They communicated by sound from a distance, drawings and carvings in rock. As time went along they were able to be able to communicate much more by sharing their abilities and developing a language recognizable.
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the ancient Greeks gave messages to phidipaides and he took the message by foot to the person it was adressed to.
1. Don't salute - unless you have been in or are in uniform - or you're a six-year-old boy. There is no reason to salute, if you're not part of the military. So just speak with respect
Ancient Egyptians communicated with each other by talking and using
People became gladiators by either being a slave sold to a gladiator school, or by volunteering to take the training. Prisoners of war were also sometimes sold to gladiatorial schools
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