How Did Ancient People Communicate?


Currently it is December 21, 2012 and we have a language that we speak by. The ancient people did not have a formalized speech years ago. They communicated by sound from a distance, drawings and carvings in rock. As time went along they were able to be able to communicate much more by sharing their abilities and developing a language recognizable.
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One ancient way that cities used to communicate was to climb to a mountain and light a giant fire. There were mountains scattered all around the country, and when one went on fire
They would send messagers between tribes in the mountains if they were not
What do you mean by ancient? The French set up a series of towers for a Morris code type of communication using mirrors,flags, and flashing lights in the eighteenth century. When
Edit: You can look through thes sites-get a good idea of what was used. Ihope this answered your question!
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