How did Andrew Carnegie donate his money?


Andrew Carnegie's primary area of interest when it came to charitable donations was education. He also donated generously to scientific research and world peace. He is considered the father of American philanthropy.

When Andrew Carnegie retired at the age of 66, he was the world's richest man. At the time, his net worth was estimated at about $480 million. Adjusted for inflation, that amount would be the modern day equivalent of about $310 billion. His fortune was so vast that, to this day, he is one of the 25 wealthiest people who ever lived. Carnegie believed very strongly in the value of education. One of his first donations was $10 million to begin a pension for teachers, and $125 million more for the development of education. Carnegie also remembered the generosity of a gentleman who had allowed Carnegie access to his library as a child. Thus, Carnegie pledged money to build a library to any town in the United States that would supply the land and upkeep for the building. He founded an organization for scientific research and supplied the funds for the world court to be built in Switzerland. By the time he died, Carnegie had donated an estimated 90 percent of his fortune.

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Started charities, foundations, and museums. Mostly it was done by his family after he died though.
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