How Did Andrew Carnegie Impact America?


Andrew Carnegie has many impacts on America threw out his lifetime. The main impact he had on America is that he influenced the making of libraries. Today libraries house all important information from over the times for decades to come.
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He created monopoly.
Andrew Carnegie was an expert in the steel industry. He like, other tycoons, recognized that to be successful he needed to go beyond steel. He needed to have as much control as possible
Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland and migrated to the United
Dunfermline. Perhaps one of the greatest philanthropists the world has known. Carnegie did not forget the land of his birth or his humble roots.
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Andrew Carnegie's primary area of interest when it came to charitable donations was education. He also donated generously to scientific research and world peace. ...
Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist from the late 19th century. He was born in Dunfermline, Scotland and named after his legal grandfather. He ...
Most remember Andrew Carnegie as a philanthropist and successful businessman, but his success came at the exploitation of his workforce. Carnegie was notorious ...
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