How Did Andrew Jackson Change the Presidency?


Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 somewhere in the Carolinas. He was the 7th President of the United States. His term ran from 1829 to 1837. Jackson was first an army general with many defeats to his credit. He was in the Democratic Party. In 1835, Andrew Jackson paid off the entire national debt. Unfortunately, a severe depression from 1837 to 1844 cause the debt to go up to over $3 million again. Jackson wanted to give the presidential vote to the people and abolish the Electoral College. He also thought President's should not spend too many years in office. Jackson also wanted to rescind the Second Bank of the United States' federal chart.
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As the President of the United States, Andrew Jackson did a number of them. Some of them include signing the Indian Removal Act (which sent Indians from the West to the East) he balanced
Andrew Jackson is remembered by most history books - at least, MY history book - as one of the first presidents to dole out jobs and privileges to those who helped him get there.
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President Andrew Jackson, in response to the nullification crisis of 1832, threatened to send federal troops to any state that tried to "nullify" federal ...
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