How Did Aristotle Classify Organisms?


Aristotle classified organisms into genera. He classified them according to their similar characteristics and further classified species from these genera. He mainly classified organisms as those having blood and those that have no blood.
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Aristotle classified living organisms by dividing them into two groups; those with red blood and those without.
I have searched threw time lines of Aristotle's works and the closest I could find was in 344 BC. He was living in Lesbos and his main agenda was doing biological research. I have
Aristotle classified them as either plants or animals. He used the best
Living organisms are placed in different groups according to how closely they are related. Closely related organisms are defined as individual species that belong to the same genus.
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Aristotle was the first person to attempt to classify living organisms. Aristotle's classification system is found in his book 'History of Animals.' His methodology ...
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