How Did Arsenic Get Its Name?


The name for the element arsenic (As) comes from the Greek word arsenikos and the Latin word arsenicum which means male and yellow orpiment. You can find more information here:
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Arsenic is highly poisonous and has been used to make insecticides and rat poison. The word itself comes from the Persian word Zarnikh, meaning "yellow orpiment", or yellow
The symbol As is just from Arsenic. It would be 'Ar', but that's already taken, by Argon, earlier in the periodic table.
It's believed that Albertus Magnus obtained the element in 1250 A.D. (arsenic
Arsenic and Old Lace is generally associated with the 1944 film starring Cary Grant, about two old ladies who murder their gentlemen-visitors. Before that, though, it was a long-running
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Arsenic is a poisonous chemical element and the name 'arsenic' was originated from the Persian word Zarnikh which means yellow orpiment. ...
I am not aware of any name for arsenic more common than "arsenic" ...
Arsenic was discovered by an alchemist whose name was Albertus Magnus. He discovered this chemical in the year of 1250. Arsenic is a highly toxic chemical that ...
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