How Did Baking Started?


The exact origin of baking is unknown. Baking dates far back to the Egyptians around 8000 BC. The modern form of baking powder was not invented until 1811.
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1. Decide what kinds of baked goods you will supply. Choose whether your baking business will specialize in whole grain breads, or extend to pies and specialty cakes. Your decision
1 Make sure you have the time you need each day/week to make the goods. (This depends on how many goods you sell each day.)
The best way to learn is to have someone show you how. A class would be great, or better yet a one-on-one with an experienced baker. A good home baker may be preferable to a commercial
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Bakers during the colonial times did their baking a bit differently than bakers do today. They baked, but did their baking in the fireplace or in a wood fired ...
The baker in medieval times was responsible for the majority of the population's food menu. They did the baking and milling. They produced bread and at times, ...
The Romans cooked mostly raw fruit and raw vegetables which they dipped into wine vinegar and olive oil. If they did cook, they usually baked their food in clay ...
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