How did Beethoven become famous?


While Beethoven showed talent at an early age, he became famous by moving to Vienna and composing for wealthy patrons who allowed him to become the first independent composer. He was a talented piano player who introduced a new type of music, well received by his audiences according to

In Vienna, many of Beethoven's patrons were leading citizens of the aristocracy. His public debut in Vienna occurred on March 29, 1795. Scholars believe this debut included his first piano concerto in C Major. After this concert, he published "Opus 1," which quickly earned success with critics and financial supporters.

As he entered the 1800s, Beethoven continued publishing many more works that showed his talent. In 1804, Beethoven opened Symphony #3, in honor of Napoleon, who had just declared himself Emperor. Later he renamed this symphony "Erotica" as he grew disillusioned with Napoleon.

While composing his great works, Beethoven was also becoming deaf. Works during this period of his life included "Midnight Sonata." However, the disease continued and by the debut of his Ninth, Beethoven was unable to hear the thunderous applause of his audience and had to turn to see their approval. Beethoven produced over 200 songs as well as a number of shorter orchestral works and several choral pieces, many of which he never heard played.

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