How Did Big L Die?


Big L was shot and killed on February 15 1999. He was born on May 30, 1974. He was a rapper from America. His birth name was Lamont Coleman.
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because of his brother the guy who shoot big l was looking for big l brother but at that time his brother was in jail and big l died on FEB. 15 1999 he was born on may 30 1974.
Big L was murdered at 8:30pm on February 15th 1999. Nine bullets to the head and chest
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Big L, who's real name was Lamont Coleman, was murdered in Harlem on February 15, 1999. He was shot nine times in the face and chest. His childhood friend, Gerard Woodley, was arrested for the crime, but was later released.
Big L a very famous underground rapper who was shot to death. Big L's brother owed drug dealers lots of money and it is assumed by many that Big L was confused by the drug deals for his brother and killed.
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