How did Bloody Mary die?


Queen Mary I, known as Bloody Mary, died of an unknown illness. Some historians believe that the symptoms described may indicate that she succumbed to cancer.

Mary suffered several phantom pregnancies throughout her life, the last of which was just before she became ill and died. Intrigue surrounds whether or not these phantom pregnancies, or possibly another condition mistaken for pregnancy, were the cause of the illness that eventually took her life. Contrary to popular belief, Bloody Mary did not earn her nickname by slaughtering people. She earned it by having more than 300 Protestant heretics burned in three years.

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Bloody Mary was a witch. She was shot with a silver bullet in the hip and then burned at the
Mary Tudor had almost 300 religious dissenters executed; that is why she is known as Bloody Mary.
If memory serves, Marie Antoinette (a.k.a., "Bloody Mary") was sentenced to death by guillotine during the French Revolution, so I guess you could say she lost her head.
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