How Did Buddhism Spread?


Originally, Buddhism spread by having monks walk around India, teaching. With a stable monastery system in place, monks were sent out further and further. The religion spread throughout Central Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia as it evolved.
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It was simply taught or expressed to others as an understanding and they accepted it. It was spread just like that. No force or violation was used.
One Answer: Originally it spread by having monks walk around India, teaching. This continued successfully after the Buddha died because he had the forethought to set up a structure,
Lewis Lancaster is doing amazing research finding that far greater than the Silk Route, the Spice Route was a major conduit for BUddhists and Buddhism. Embed Quote
Buddhism was introduced into China by Indian merchants who took Buddhist priests
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Buddhism spread into other countries beyond India because of the silk trade. The Buddhist monks controlled the silk trade and other countries wanted in on it. ...
Ashoka helped Buddhism spread in Asia. He let his son Mahindra travel to Sri Lanka and other parts to further spread the word of Buddhism to more countries. ...
As the Han dynasty broke down, Buddhism spread across China. Buddhism changed China in that it influenced thought, customs, and art. It was through Buddhists that ...
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