How did Buddhism spread?


Originally, Buddhism spread by having monks walk around India, teaching. With a stable monastery system in place, monks were sent out further and further. The religion spread throughout Central Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia as it evolved.
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Founder of Buddhism. The word comes from 'budhi' 'to awaken' It has its origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddhata Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened (enlightened)
It spread outside of Magadha starting in the Buddha's lifetime, and with the reign
Peacefully and by word of mouth. Buddha was a thinking man, he saw that everything had a place on the earth and that man needed to live in harmony. A man who would make as much sense
The origins of origami may lie in China, where paper was invented in 105 by Cai Lun. It is believed that the art of paper folding quickly followed. In the sixth century A.D. Chinese
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