How Did Captain James Cook Die?

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James Cook died at the age of 50 on February 14, 1779.
Captain James Cook was an English naval explorer whose expeditions in the 1770s charted much of the lands of the Pacific, including New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. The son of an agricultural worker, Cook was apprenticed to shipbuilders and joined the... More>> · More images »
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Captain James Cook was a explorer and navigator that lived in Britain. During his third voyage to the Pacific in 1779 Cook was killed while fighting with some people from Hawaii.
Cook was on his third journey, and returning to England in 1779. He had already visited the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii) on his outward journey where, due to an unusual combination
The inhabitants of the island, while friendly to begin with killed Cook
Captain James Cook was a famous English sailor and explorer who lived from 1728 until 1779. He was killed (knifed) by the people of a Hawaiin village in 1779 - aged 50.
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In February, 1779 at the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) Captain Cook was killed in a fight with islanders over the theft of a boat. They had previously argued and the natives were stealing from their boats. Captain Cook retaliated but was killed by a fatal stab wound on his back.
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Captain James cook was a British explorer and navigator who sailed and made detailed maps of newly found lands. During his three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, ...
James Cook died on Feb. 14, 1779, after he was clubbed on the head and speared by a native Hawaiian. His death occurred in a battle on the beach at Kealakekua ...
Captain James Cook is widely renowned as an explorer, pioneering navigator and preventer of scurvy. In the year 1770, Captain Cook discovered Australia. Cook sailed ...
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