How Did Captain James Cook Die?

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James Cook died at the age of 50 on February 14, 1779.
Captain James Cook was an English naval explorer whose expeditions in the 1770s charted much of the lands of the Pacific, including New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. The son of an agricultural worker, Cook was apprenticed to shipbuilders and joined the... More>> · More images »
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The inhabitants of the island, while friendly to begin with killed Cook
Kealakekua Bay-Big Island-i hiked by the spot (or at least the monument)great snorkeling-i saw in "one spot" about 50 yards from the shore and Heiau, dolphin, a ray, turtles
James Cook was a successful captain because he was one of the first to introduce a diet that enabled his men to avoid the dreaded "scurvy", literally the scourge of sailors'...
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In February, 1779 at the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) Captain Cook was killed in a fight with islanders over the theft of a boat. They had previously argued and the natives were stealing from their boats. Captain Cook retaliated but was killed by a fatal stab wound on his back.
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James cook explored new territories to utilise his navigation, surveying and cartographic skills which he had acquired in his voyages. In addition, he was fascinated ...
A list of James Cook's accomplishments would be he was a skilled navigator. After two years of service Mr. Cook was made the Master of the HMS Pembroke.He was ...
James Cook explored on the endeavour to watch Venus as it passed between the Earth and the Sun. He was also searching for a very huge southern continent that was ...
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