How Did Cavemen Hunt?


For the most part, cavemen used spears to hunt. Using thick and heavy shafts and flint for tips, cavemen lived near forests where they could hunt animals such as wild cattle, horse, and red deer. Studies done by Professor Steve Churchill of Duke University, real that cavemen ambushed their prey. They would wait in the forest until the prey came close and then attack with a spear. Cavemen were for the most part right-handed and had a brain that was capable of complex thought.
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they hunted wilder beast and many more food they could find. bone was the most popular food in the Savannah.
What exactly was eaten by early people clearly varied according to geography, but most
Small game mostly. After all their main weapon was a fire sharpened spear. They were probably adept at snares to catch rabbits and such. If they were lucky they lived near water and
With spears and knives and rocks Anonymous
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