How Did Cavemen Survive?


Cavemen are people who lived many centuries ago before the era of civilisation. They basically survived by hunting wild animals and gathering wild fruits and digging roots. They also lit fires at cave entrances to prevent wild animals from attacking them at night. The fire was also used to cook the food and warm them in cold seasons.
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They survived by eating and drinking although they had a bit of time with mammoths
Cavemen lived basically for survival, using stones or whatever material they could find to search for food. Since there is not recorded history, it is hard to know what their society
I have a pretty rudimentary view of the caveman era. I picture men, clubbing women over the head, bringing them home to provide for them and to pro-create, and deciding their women
Probably the normal ways, but we do know that Neanderthals, for instance, were very likely interested in sex (they were also into death, if the graves that been found are any indication
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There is little evidence to tell us exactly how cavemen communicated. It is generally thought that cavemen communicated using grunts, crying out, and making other ...
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Cavemen were hunters and gatherers and would eat anything they could get their hands on. They ate plants, berries, seeds, nuts, and wild animals. They did not ...
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