How Did Charles Darwin Die?

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Charles Darwin died from a heart attack at the age of 73 on April 19, 1882.
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Charles Darwin died April 19th, 1882, in Down House, Kent, England. Some say he died due to a disease called Chagas. Others say that he died of a heart attack, that might have been caused by having problems dealing with his older brother's death. It's indicated in the history books that his death is unspecified, however.
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Most people think that Charles Darwin died from Chaga's Disease. He conducted a lot of studies in South America and the disease could have been contracted through a bite from a Benchuga
In England, were he lived. at a hospital.
Who is Charles Darwin? Why is he important? What was he like as a person? Charles Darwin is often called the father of evolutionary biology. Because his impact on science has been
Charles Robert Darwin, the infamous English naturalist was born on Feb. 12,
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Charles Darwin died from heart failure. He had been earlier diagnosed with coronary thrombosis a condition that is characterised by severe chest pains behind the ...
Charles Darwin died in 1882, on April 19th. He was buried at Westminster Abbey, in London, England. He was an English naturalist from the 1800s. ...
Charles Darwin died at Down House, Downe in Kent, England. He died on 19th April 1882. Darwin invented the principle of natural selection in the evolution theory ...
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