How did Christian Bale lose weight for "The Machinist"?


According to the Huffington Post, Christian Bale went on a crash diet to lose weight for "The Machinist." His diet caused him to lose over 60 pounds and consisted of water, an apple and a cup of coffee every day. He also had an occasional whiskey.

Bale's crash diet eventually cost him his social life. He stated that he had to stop going out entirely. For example, during this time Bale explained that he would "do a bit of eating hardly anything" and would lose roughly 50 pounds. However, he would then binge by having a few drinks with friends and gain 7 pounds right back, so he decided to stop having a social life entirely.

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He lost all the weight by not hardly eating
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Christian Bale lost weight by eating a can of tuna and one apple a day, which is 275 calories.
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