How did Christina Aguilera lose weight?


Christina Agulera, an American musician and singer, lost weight after having her son, by having vigorous workouts with her personal trainer for five days a week. She also ate 1800 calories a day because of feeding her son as per the doctor's advice. She maintained the shape by keeping to her exercise programs and doing a lot of dancing in Burlesque, a great fitness exercise program.
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Working out and eating more healthy. She may of had some surgery but who knows.
He used to shout at her and once she tried to defend her mum and he threw her across the room. You can also listen to her songs I'm OK and Oh Mother, you'll instantly realize how
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How Christina Aguilera Lost the Pregnancy Weight. Wondering how stars like. Christina Aguilera. manage to lose the pregnancy weight so quickly after giving birth? While they do have
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