How did Christopher Reeves get paralyzed?


The way Christopher Reeves became paralyzed involved an equestrian competition that took place in Culpeper, VA in May of the year 1995. During this competition he was thrown from his horse and suffered what was reported as a few serious spinal injuries. At the time he was married to his now widowed wife, named Dana Morosini. After this accident, he was required to remain in a wheelchair and use a breathing apparatus, which he would be required to use until the end of his life, as he did.
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Christopher Reeve suffered a paralyzing spinal-cord injury in a horseback riding
his left hand was partially paralyzed by a stroke.
jumping. his horse refused a jump. he landed head first, but he WAS wearing a helmet, that's why he didn't have any brain damage. he was paralyzed because of it though. edit: i like
Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve's widow, died on March 7, 2006. She was 44, and had worked as a singer and later an actress. She died of lung cancer.
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