How Did Cleopatra Change the World?


The Roman Empire kept wanting to expand. It was Cleopatra who changed the world by wanting to defend Egypt from the growing Roman Empires. She then became friends with Julius Ceaser and Marc Anthony.
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Cleopatra defended Egypt from the growing Roman Empire. Romans were taking over many places at the time, but Egypt fought them and did not become a part of it.
1. Read about the lives of great leaders. Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are a good start. Also check out "How to Change the World" by David Bornstein. It tells
They taught humans more then they could see, it saves people's lives. for example: Magnifying a leaf to see if it has poison.
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Cleopatra changed the world as she defended Egypt from the Roman Empire. Cleopatra is also known for her seductive ways. She was known as a dynamic figure.
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