How Did Communication Start?


Communication developed slowly. The caves of pre-historic man showed drawings etched on the walls depicting wild life and hunting scenes. As man's intelligence increased over the centuries, eventually vocal sounds, like grunts, turned into words and sentences with common meanings among tribes, than communities, then villages, then cities, than countries.
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It began with the need to make the other person understand. It is much deeper than that. It is rooted in the motion of the elements prior to their existence.
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1. Practice critical thinking. Ask questions when you're unsure of what the other person means to communicate to you, ask for information sources, and ask the other person if she
i think it starts when people meet each other personally.
1 Build up your confidence. It is likely that you find it hard to think of a word to say because you feel that the man will find you funny for talking to him despite the fact that
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