How Did Confucius Change China?


Confucianism was the official ideology of China until it was replaced by the Three Principles of the People ideology. This ideology is associated with Maoist Communism and the People's Republic of China in Mainland China.
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Confucius was influential in strengthening the family ties of people in China. He is credited with changes such as respect for elders. He is also credited with encouraging ethical and moral behavior.
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Confucius developed a new 'law' that the Chinese began to live by. Many of the dynasties believed in the Confucian law and it became a big part of Chinese culture. Confucianism was
Confucius believed
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Confucius greatly affected China's government in many ways. For example, to get a government job, you had to pass a very difficult exam on Confucianism. Confucius's ...
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