How Did Cornelius Vanderbilt Spend His Money?


Cornelius Vanderbilt spend a lot of his money buying stock in the Erie Railway. He also donated $1 million dollars to the now Vanderbilt University and $50,000 dollars on a church. When he died in 1877 he was wroth $100 million dollars.
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Cornelius Vanderbilt mainly spent his money on philanthropic ventures.
He left most of it to his family.
Holland McTyeire, convinced Vanderbilt to endow what would become Vanderbilt University, named in his honor. Vanderbilt gave $1 million, the largest charitable gift in American history
Reading 1 was adapted from Bronwyn Krog, "Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site" (Dutchess County, New York) National Register of Historic Places Registration Form,
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