How Did Country Music Start?


Country music is believed to have originated in the USA from rural Southern folk music, it was a combination of Irish, British, African and continental European music. The music genre known as hillbilly music later evolved into a genre known as country and western and then ended up being country. Instruments used were the fiddle, banjo and the guitar which was added later.
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the carter family : on august 2, 1927 , they recorded 6 songs, the frist was bury me under the weeping willow. :
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Country music got really popular in the 1920's, but it started around 300 years ago. When immigrants went to the United States, they brought their instruments and would tell tales of woes as well as songs of good times. You can find more information here:
It is said that country music started in the southern states during coal mining. This is also known as bluegrass music and you would hear many of the coal miners singing their own tunes.
The beginnings of country music are thought to have originated in the hands of immigrants entering the United States as early as the 1920's. Many of them brought with them what few, precious belongings they had, many of which were instruments. Many of them small, string instruments.
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