How did Daisy Keith die?


Daisy Keith killed herself on April 16, 1997. She was famous for being on the show “Heartland” at the age of 20. Her father was fighting cancer at the time.

Daisy Keith did not leave a note or any indication as to why she had decided to take her own life. Her character on “Heartland” was Kim Stafford and the television show was her only film credit. In the late 1990’s, Daisy’s father began a fight with cancer that required subsequent chemotherapy treatments. While Daisy gave no indication as to why she took her own life, some people think that it was related to her father’s struggles. Daisy’s mother now works on maintaining a memorial website for her husband and daughter. There is also a memorial site and a set of two plaques that commemorate the life of Daisy Keith and the life of her father Brian Keith in the Garden of Serenity at Westwood Memorial Park. Daisy’s father was famous for playing the character Uncle Bill on the show “Family Affair.” He was also on the show “Hardcastle and McCormick.” After his daughter’s suicide, Keith took his own life as well at the age of 75. Keith left a note that said that he wanted to join his daughter.

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