How Did David Ortiz Get His Nickname Big Papi?


David Ortiz was said to get his nickname from his baseball teammates. When he first joined the team he called everyone Papi because he didn't know their names. His teammates called him Big Papi and the nickname stuck.
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Big Papi...I think it's clear that he's big and he's been the Yankees Papi (Daddy) It started off as a joke in the clubhouse...and it just kind of
This was a nickname given to him by other team members. Big Papi,
The name comes from how he called everyone "Papi" when he didn't know their name. So, they named him "Big Papi".
Framingham, MA, Jul 22, 2009. ( via COMTEX) - RCON | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating - Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz, known to baseball fans everywhere as "
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