How Did Dominican Republic Get Its Name?


The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation by area and population. It is a nation on the island of Hispaniola. Haiti is on the western third of the island, which makes Hispaniola an island with two countries. The country got its name from Christopher Columbus when he discovered it in 1492. He gave the country the name Hispaniola. Santo Domingo, which is the Capital, was built between 1496 and 1498. In 1844 Santo Doimngo declared its independence and became the Dominican Republic.
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The Dominican Republic is an island in the caribbean but it belongs to the North American Continent. More information can be found if you go to
1. Obtain a passport. Before beginning your visit to the Dominican Republic, you should first make sure that you have a valid passport. The passport will be stamped upon your arrival
Dominican Republic gets its name from Columbus in 1496 in honor of his
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