How Did Donny Hathaway Die?


Donny Edward Hathaway was a soul musician in America born in October 1 1945 and died on January13th 1979. He worn the a Grammy award for best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal an six years later he was found dead outside a new York hotel where his death was rule as suicide.
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Much to the surprise of his friends, Donny Hathaway, who was found on the sidewalk outside the Essex House (where he lived in New York), is said to have committed suicide. The musician
Donnie Hathaway commited suicide by jumping off of the 39th story building of his Apartment.
How did donny hathaway die? On Jan. 13, 1979 Donny Hathaway committed suicide. It was assumed that he
Donny Hathaway died at the age of 33 on January 13, 1979, in Chicago, IL. Cause of death: Suicide.
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Donnie Hathaway's death was a misery. Just before his death, he claimed that some people were trying to kill him. Later, he was found dead on the sidewalk leading ...
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