How Did Eazy E Contract AIDS?


While Eazy E never left an official statement on how he had contracted the AIDS virus, he implied that it was a result of having unprotected sex with too many women. He fathered 7 children with 6 different women, and when asked about the virus would reply saying 'success has been too good to me.' As one of the most popular rappers worldwide, his death brought a spotlight to the problem of AIDS in the hip-hop community.
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he was a butt pirate.
There is no definite answer out there, EazyE supposedly never knew he had AIDS until
Eazy E died of AIDS. Once he publicly announced it in the 90's, his condition deteriorated quickly. His death put a new face on the AIDS epidemic and got people thinking about it
The same way anyone else would. Either unprotected sex, or intravenous drug use with dirty needles.
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Famous founding NWA member Eric 'Eazy E' Wright contracted aids due to unprotected sex with multiple partners. He contracted this disease in the mid 1990s.
Its is sad that even then with all the knowledge about Aids/HIV people are still contracting it. Eazy E had unprotected sex with someone who had the disease.
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