How did Ernest Shackleton die?

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Ernest Shackleton died of a heart attack at the age of 48 on June 5, 1922
Ernest Shackleton was a British explorer of the South Pole who is best remembered for leading his crew to safety after the failed expedition of the Endurance (1914-16). Ernest Shackleton had been a junior officer on Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery ex... More>> · More images »
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Shackleton left England aboard the Quest on 24 September 1921 bound for Antarctica. When the party arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Shackleton suffered a suspected heart attack. He refused
Ernest Henry Shackleton died January 5th, 1922.
Ernest Shackleton was an antarctic explorer. He was on Scott's first mission to the continent and he got within 100 miles of the pole before turning back. He calculated that to go
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When he died, Ernest Shackleton was making his fourth trip to Antarctica. During his previous trip to Antarctica, his ship, the Endurance, became trapped in ice and sank. Marooned on the frozen ocean, the crew of the Endurance survived in freezing temperatures from January 1915 to April 1916 before members of the crew made an epic journey to seek help. Not one member of the crew died.

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