How Did FDR Contract Polio?


FDR started exhibiting symptoms of polio in 1921, while he was at his summer home in New Brunswick, Canada. It is thought that he was infected with polio while visiting a Boy Scout encampment in New York about three weeks earlier. FDR was 39 years old when he contracted polio.
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FDR did not know it yet, but at some point in the weeks prior to his departure for
To date it is unclear exactly how Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States contracted polio. Most historians have come to the agreement that he most likely contracted
He was 39 years-old.
Polio is a viral infectious disease found mostly in children. Polio is contracted through the fecal-oral route, by ingesting contaminated food and liquids.
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He had polio. ...
Roosevelt's paralytic illness began in 1921 at age 39, when Roosevelt got a ...
FDR paralytic ailment began when he got a fever after exercising seriously during a holiday in Canada in 1921 at age 39; he was well eminent during his reign as ...
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