How did George Washington Carver die?

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George Washington Carver died on January 5, 1943.
George Washington Carver was a celebrated botanist and inventor at a time when it was still rare for African-Americans to reach those heights. The son of a Missouri slave, Carver grew up to attend Iowa State University, earning a bachelor's degree i... More>> · More images »
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George Washington Carver died January 5, 1943. He fell down a flight of stairs, where he was found unconscious by a maid. He later died from complications caused by his fal
All ten of carvers sisters died prematurely.
Visit the Diamond, Missouri, farm where Carver was born. Take a guided tour of the 210-acre National Monument, explore the museum and visitors' center, or simply meander through the
Basically, he died of a sore throat; some sources might also say pneumonia. He died in 1799 after being treated for a throat infection by means of bloodletting, or draining the "
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In the later years of his life, George Washington Carver lived on the grounds of the Tuskegee Institute. His health had been failing for some time, but a tumble down the stairs at his home left him injured and bedridden for more than a week, where his condition worsened due to anemia and other complications from the fall. He is buried on the grounds of the Institute alongside the grave of Booker T. Washington.

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