How Did Gilgamesh Die?

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Gilgamesh is a fictional character.
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Gilgamesh does not die. However, after the death of his friend, he is forced to accept death as a fact and is afraid of the day that he too will die.
The cause of death of Gilgamesh is never mentioned. In the poem 'The death of Gilgamesh', he dies of old age, no other information was provided. Gilgamesh was the fifth king of Uruk, modern day Iraq. According to the Sumerian king list he reigned for 126 years. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is credited with the building of the legendary walls of Uruk.
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after Enkidu died he was forece to die:
Gilgamesh doesn't die. After Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh gets scared that he too will die, but he
The Epic of Gilgamesh does not mention the hero's death at all. Even if it did, it would not necessarily be reliable. Gilgamesh was probably a historical ruler of Uruk in the early
Spoiler alert: In the end, he does. Losing Enkindil was like losing part of himself. After learning from Utnapishtim that immortality is a curse he does not give up the quest for
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Gilgamesh, who is a great King and achieved great feats, learned something from Utnapishtim. It is not his destiny to be immortal, he is presumed to die eventually ...
There is no physical evidence to prove there ever was an actual Gilgamesh who ruled anywhere in Mesopotamia. The stories of Gilgamesh may have been intended only ...
The knowledge that was brought back by Gilgamesh was that on why humans had to die, how to live a life of happiness, how humans can worship the Gods correctly ...
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