How did Guru Nanak die?

Answer explains that Sikhs believe that Guru Nanak left his human body on his own accord. His spirit is believed to be immortally divine and to have passed on through each Sikh guru since and forever.

Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus all declared Guru Nanak as a great prophet, and each religious group had different ideas about claiming his body and the burial rites when his death was apparently near. Guru Nanak told his devotees about "joti jot," which meant that his immortal divine light would pass on to his successor, leaving his mortal body to die. He passed his divine light to Second Guru Angad Dev, and his devotees returned on Sept. 22, 1539, to find that his mortal body was missing.

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Guru Nanak died a peaceful death, and of old age.
He became a Guru because at that time there was so much discrimination on the basis of caste and religion in India, and Nanak was oppossing it, he formed a sacred religion where everyone
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