How Did Hercules Die?


Hercules was the son of Zeus. The name is the Roman name for the Greek Heracles. Hercules was known for his adventures and great strength and has the subject of literature and art. Some of his exploits include slaying Nemean Lion, slaying the Stymphalian Birds, and stealing the Mare of Diomedes. Hercules died by being poisoned by one of his wives. She used the poisoned blood of a centaur which she put on his shirts.
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Hercules is a mythological figure.
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Hercules mortal side died when he threw himself onto a funeral pyre. He had been burned badly by poison placed on his shirt by his wife. She thought it was love potion. He was hurt
He died after being poisoned by his wife, in Greece.
Hercules couldn't die the way mere mortals could, but he did die when he chose to. He asked for help from the gods because he was suffering from a skin-burning poison so excruciating
His wife gave him what she thought was a love potion when it was actually a poison that caused
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