How Did Hernando Cortes Die?

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Hernán Cortés on December 2, 1547.
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Hernando Cortes died in Seville, Spain in 1547 in a monastery (the very one Christopher Columbus sailed) from natural causes or illness. There have been debates on whether he was murdered or not, but no evidence of murder has been recorded ever since. Cortes was a strict and hard leader but he passed the remainder of his days in solitude and stress.
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Hernando Cortes, also called Hernan Cortez, was the great Spanish soldier and explorer. He died at the age of 62 on December 2, 1597, after coming down with dysentery. Hernando, has
Hernando Cortes died in Castilleja de la Cuesta, Seville province, Spain on December 2, 1547, of pleurisy. He was 62.
Castilleja de la Cuesta, in the Seville province of Spain. Source(s)….
Born: 1485 Birthplace: Medellin, Pe passed his last days in solitude, and died
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by ship i think 8) Frist of all his name was Hernan Cortes, the only option to cross the Atlanic Ocean in that point in time was through ship. The trip took a ...
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