How Did Hitler Become a Dictator?


Hitler became dictator in Germany by running a campaign of terror against the German people. The favoured president at that time, Paul von Hindenburg, made the error of appointing one of Hitler's allies into the Cabinet, an ally who went on to dissolve the congress and call for new elections. After a lot of elections, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and gradually managed to obtain power from the country leaders.
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In 1933 Adolf Hitler became the Reichskanzler of Germany. With the support of his party he usurped the full power.
Basically, Adolph Hitler became dictator because the Nazi party had...
Hitler dropped out of high school and gravitated to a homeless shelter in Vienna Austria where he lived for about six years. When WWI broke out, Hitler was sleeping on park benches
1. The first step to become a dictator is to identify some area of deep fear and general unhappiness in the general population. Happy, fearless people will never accept a dictator
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Hitler became a dictator after he rose to the position of the Chancellor by President Hindenburg's appointment. The Enabling Act allowed Hitler the right to rule without consultation of the Reichstag or the president thus giving him dictator rights. Besides, Hitler had support from Hindenburg and companies that sought after him for defence from communists.
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Adolph Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. The reasons as to how he came into power are attributed to him being a good orator which enabled him to ...
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