How did Hitler become a dictator?


Hitler became dictator in Germany by running a campaign of terror against the German people. The favoured president at that time, Paul von Hindenburg, made the error of appointing one of Hitler's allies into the Cabinet, an ally who went on to dissolve the congress and call for new elections. After a lot of elections, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and gradually managed to obtain power from the country leaders.
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Hitler was never elected president, he was appointed Reichskanzler by President Hindenburg, who was persuaded to by a powerful lobby of manufacturers and businessmen. They were broadly
The Wiemar republic was built on coalitions so no real firm moves to help run the country. Germany was in ruins from the war especially the war guilt clause in the treaty. Germany
On March 23, 1933, what has gone down in German history as the "Enabling
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Hitler became a dictator after he rose to the position of the Chancellor by President Hindenburg's appointment. The Enabling Act allowed Hitler the right to rule without consultation of the Reichstag or the president thus giving him dictator rights. Besides, Hitler had support from Hindenburg and companies that sought after him for defence from communists.
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