How Did Hitler Keep Control of Germany?


Hitler kept control of Germany through various methods. He used terror to instil fear in people. He had secret police known as Getaspo who spied on and arrested those who were against him. Those who were arrested were put in concentration camps and were subjected to torture and hard physical labour. His soldiers, known as the Nazis, controlled and censored the media. He also tried to popularize the Nazi ideology by introduction of the Nazi beliefs into the education system.
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Hitler kept control in Germany through the use of terror by the Gestapo or secret German police who would spy and arrest their enemies. He also used the S.S. an acronym for the shooting squad who were his personal army; they were responsible for running the concentration camps. People were scared of being arrested by the Gestapo and taken to the concentration camps.
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As far as i can tell: Through. terror. ( the S.S. - his private army - and concentration camps etc. propaganda. (posters and publicity) Hitler youth. (training kids how great Nazis
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Hitler was a Nazi leader who controlled Nazi Germany by using a variety of methods. His most used method was terror and he did this by giving the Gestapo complete ...
Adolf Hitler managed to control Germany through fear and intimidation which he instilled using his Nazis party. He also used the Gestapo (German police) to silence ...
Hiltler gained control of Germany when there was chaos and millions of people were dying in Germany. He knew what was happening and he took advantage and started ...
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