How Did Hitler Use Propaganda?


Propaganda is persuading others that your side of the story is correct. Hitler persuaded others that his military was too great to be challenged and his political might was too popular to challenge. He also ensured that nobody in Germany could read or see anything that was hostile or damaging to the Nazi Party.
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Hitler used propaganda to convince Germans that Jewish people were ugly, evil, traitors, and that they were ultimately to blame for Germany's loss in WWI. Through propaganda, Hitler
Propaganda is the method which is used to sway the public's opinion in the direction that a government or party desires. It was used during World War II by all political fractions.
Hitler already had the German Majority on his side before he ceased power He won the position as Chancellor of Germany, which gave him the authority to enforce martial law after the
The Nazis used art, music, theater,
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Hitler used propaganda to control and inspire his people, especially the youth. Some of the propaganda he used included his portrayal as a father figure; promoting his extinguished dissent including the use of special programs to keep guys occupied. This drew so much admiration and support, since the public had been brainwashed and could be exploited for his selfish goals.
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