How Did Hurricane Andrew Start?


The Hurricane Andrew started as a tropical wave in the Atlantic in mid-August, 1992, and went through two cycles of intensification as it moved westward. It passed through the Bahamas on August 23, hitting near Elliott Key and Homestead, FL as a category 5 hurricane on August 24, 1992. Crossing Florida, it entered the Gulf of Mexico and moved west then north, hitting near Morgan City, LA on August 26 1992.
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August 24, 1992.
A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on August 14. This was the
A hurricane is a rotating oceanic weather system that forms over tropical oceans, forming a spinning weather system that reaches sustained wind speeds of over 74 miles per hour. Hurricane
Yes. More specifically, Hurricane Andrew was initially a tropical wave that came off western Africa. The wave developed into a tropical depression over the central north Atlantic
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