How Did It Get Its Name?


It probably got it's name because someone discovered it or made it. When someone finds something that has been previously unrecorded, they are usually given the privilege on naming it.
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"Its" is the possessive form of the word it. Not to be mistaking with "it's" which is actually the conjunction for "it is." It's one of the weird exceptions
Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, meaning that it travels faster around the Sun than any other planet. Thus, it was named after Mercury, the flying messenger of the gods.
Utahs nickname is The Mormon State. That's because of the great influence and contributions made by so many of the Mormons that live in the state.
Minnesota nickname is the North Star State. The state got its nickname for from the third Governor of the state. It is also called the Land of 10,000 lakes and sometimes the Gopher
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