How Did J P Morgan Treat His Workers?


J.P. Morgan treated his workers very well. Morgan took on a paternal role for his workers. He paid them well and he also showed that he cared for them.
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Although most people believe that he treated them badly, J.P. Morgan actually treated his workers well.
If they were black, he probably treated them horribly, seeing as how he was a
Both J.P. Morgan (known as Pierpont) and his son J.P. Morgan (known as Jack) were very paternalistic employers who, though they expected much from there direct reports, treated them
Arranged for media to photograph Morgan with a circus midget sitting on his knee. b. Circulated a colorful pamphlet about Morgon's misadventures with his adorable chimp, Kujo. c.
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most people think he treated them poorly but he actually treated them very well. ...
It is generally considered that J.P. Morgan treated his workers with little if any regard. He was typically know to modernize his businesses and was more interested ...
He was as soft as cotton candy! ...
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