How Did Jack Twist Die in Brokeback Mountain?


The Movie Brokeback Mountain leaves Jack Twist's death up for speculation. His wife tells Ennis that he died in an accident while he was changing a tire. However, during that conversation a scene flashes on the screen showing three men beating Jack to death. It is unclear if Ennis dreamed up that scenario or that is actually what caused Jack's death. Jack Twist was portrayed in the movie by Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie Brokeback Mountain won an Academy Award in 2005 for best adapted screenplay.
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He was murdered by his wife's father and brothers.
till where i know is that lureen was lying to Ennis that jack died in tyre explosion accident but actually he'd been beaten to death by some other guys(shown as in her thoughts) The
He gets attacked by a gang doesn't he? I don't actually know if he does or if Ennis just thinks he does but what the heck. Not sure if the attack really happened or if it was in Ennis's
He was beat to death by a group of men who hated homosexuals. Want to know more about the movie?
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In the Brokeback Mountain film, Jack Twist's death suggests to have been accused by the impact of an explosion caused by the bursting of a tire which he has been ...
Brokeback Mountain ends with a scene of Ennis played by Heather ledger accepting to scatter the ashes of his friend Jack twist who died because a tyre he was changing ...
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