How Did Jackie Chan Died?

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Jackie Chan is alive.
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Jackie Chan never died as he is still alive. For further information, you can visit:
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He will die when nature dictates. However, for $1,000,000, I can arrange his death very fast.Haha! Joking!
Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor. He stars in the movie Rush Hour with Chris Tucker. I like watching at the end of each movie when they show him doing the stunts.
There have been many rumors on Twitter and Facebook lately that Jackie Chan died of a heart
Reports that Jackie Chan died of a heart attack in July were hoaxes. Jackie is alive and well, and his official website has pictures to prove it.
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No, Jackie Chan did not die in 2011. For further information, you can visit: . ...
No, Jackie Chan is very much alive. This is now the second hoax that has been circulated that the comedian-action star has died. For more information, follow this ...
No, Jackie is still alive and healthy. This has been the second rumor to have spread in news that the action star has supposedly died. This time, the media that ...
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