How Did Jerry Garcia Lose His Finger?


When Jerry Garcia was four years old he went out to chop firewood with his brother. His finger was accidentally chopped off by his brother during that trip.
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Jerome John Garcia, with the Grateful Dead, lost his finger when he was four years old. He and his older brother were splitting wood and his older brother chopped his finger off with an axe.
I am an old DeadHead who has seen many Dead shows. There are two rumors about how Jerry Garcia lost his finger. The first, says that the Hell's Angels cut off his finger to pay a debt that Jerry's friend owed to the HA's. This is not true. Jerry actually lost his finger in an accident cutting wood with his father when he was young. He lost his middle finger on his right, guitar strumming, hand.
When Jerry Garcia was little he and his brother were chopping wood. Jerry was the one who was holding the wood while his brother chopped it. He didn't realize where his finger was, and his brother chopped it off with the ax on accident. He didn't realize that half of his finger was missing until later when his bandage came off in the bathtub.
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Jerry Garcia lost the middle finger of his right hand at the age of four. It was chopped off with an axe by his older brother while the two were chopping wood. You can find more information
Jerry Garcia lost his finger as a child while chopping wood with his brother.
At age 4, Garcia lost his middle finger from his right hand when his older brother chopped it off with an axe while the boys were splitting wood.
At the age of four, Garcia experienced the amputation of two-thirds of his right middle finger. While vacationing in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Garcia was given the chore of steadying
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Jerry Garcia was missing a part of his middle finger. It was chopped off by an ax when he was chopping wood with his brother. ...
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