How Did Jesus Disciples Die?


James was put to death by Herod Agrippa I in 44 AD, Judas Iscariot committed suicide shortly after the death of Christ and John died of old age, but the details of Bartholomew and Simon the Canaanite are not known at all. The deaths of the other seven apostles are known by the writings of early Christian historians, though according to traditions and the Bible, eight of the Apostles died as Martyrs, with at least two of the apostles, Peter and Andrew being crucified.
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Judas - suicide, Andrew - Crucified, Bartholomew - Crucified, James - Stoned, James I - Killed by Herod. All died horribly except John.
all of them died for jesus.
The early Christian church viewed the term "disciple" differently than people do today. The early church made a distinction between disciple and apostle. When Jesus was
1. Read the New Testament. 2. Read the Old Testament. 3. Read The Nag Hammadi Library. 4. Read the Church Fathers. 5. Read other Christian writings. 6. Attend Church every Sunday.
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The Bible mentions only the deaths of James who was beheaded by Herod Agrippa I in 44 AD and Judas Iscariot who committed suicide after betraying Jesus. According ...
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