How Did Julius Caesar Gain Power?


Julius Caesar gained power by refusing to lay down his military command. In 49 BC he crossed the Rubicon, entering Roman territory illegally under arms. A civil war ensued and from that civil war Caesar became the unrivaled dictator of Rome. Caesar spent years building up his political resume by serving in the military and going on diplomatic missions. He formed an alliance with Pompey and Crassus and the trio dominated politics for years. Yet, it still took a civil war to achieve the highest office of Rome.
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Caesar started his political career as a speaker and lawyer (if I'm right) He then started involving himself in politics more and tried to get the support of 'the people' He entered
Julius Caesar effectively transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire under his rule. He made political alliances that helped him rise in power, and then he started a civil
Caesar was an excellent politician and military leader. It also hel...
around the early 50's BCE
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Julius Caesar began his political career in 78 B.C.. He quickly gained popularity with his party and a reputation for oratory. In 74 B.C. he went into Asia to ...
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Julius Caesar became dictator of Rome through a civil war. Caesar had unmatched military power due to his conquest of Gaul and in 49 BC he was ordered to relinquish ...
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