How did Kate and William meet?


Kate Middleton and Prince William first met through mutual friends. Many believe the widely circulated story that the two met while attending school at the University of Saint Andrews, but a biographer revealed that the two actually met before beginning their studies.

Middleton and Prince William started dating in 2003. The couple split in April 2007 but reconciled a few months later. They announced their engagement on Nov. 16, 2010. Prince William presented Kate with his late mother's engagement ring. The couple married on April 29, 2011, and their wedding was viewed by millions of TV viewers worldwide. They welcomed their first son, Prince George, on July 22, 2013.

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William and Kate met in college - becoming friends, then roommates (or flat-mates) in their sophomore year at St. Andrew's University in Scotland in 2001 and had been dating since
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