How Did King Arthur Become King?


Arthur became King when he retrieved a sword from a stone. A wizard had previously revealed that whoever would retrieve the sword from the stone was the next king. Arthur during play time, saw the sword that was lodged in the stone. He crept up to the stone and pulled on the handle and the sword slipped out easily making him king.
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King Arthur became King by pulling out a sword from a rock which had been caste into the rock magically by a wizard name Merlin. Merlin inscribed on the sword that only the true king of England would pull it out, however many tried and failed.
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According to legend, Arthur became the King of Camelot and the head of the "Knights of the Round Table" because he was the only person who was able to pull a massive sword
the story goes that one day a mysterious sword stuck in a stone and anvil appeared shortly after King arther Pendragon died. whoever pulled it out would be next king. arthur arrived
King Arthur, though mythical, was able to claim his rightful place
Travel to Glastonbury, the traditional site of Arthur's Avalon, located in Somerset. Getting to Glastonbury is easier than it was in Arthur's day, especially by car , but public transportation
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