How Did King Herod Die?


The exact cause of King Herod's death is unknown. It is speculated that he had a chronic kidney disease. Herod died in 4 BCE at the age of 70 in Jericho, Samaria and he is buried at Herodium, Judea according to his wishes. His reign as the client king of Judea was from 37 to 4 BCE. Herod's father was Antipater the Idumaean and his mother Cypros. He had 5 wives and a total of 10 children.
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Herod Antipas on circa 40.
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Answer King Herod the Great died in April 4 BCE.
King Herod was also known as Herod the first or Herod the Great. He was a murderer. He killed his entire family and a lot of other innocent people.
Scholars believe that King Herod was probably a victim of kidney di...
" the cause of [Herod's} grisly death more than 2,000 years ago has been a mystery. Now, after studying ancient accounts of Herod's death, Jan Hirschmann, a physician at the
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King Herod according to the scriptures was the king of the Judean nation and was born 73 B.C and is famously known in the bible for having ordered the slaughter ...
King Herod, or Herod the Great, was responsible directly and indirectly of killing many but no exact number of children killed is found. He was born around 73 ...
King Herod lived in Jerusalem, the Jewish capital. Despite of the fact that he built a number of cities where he lived at various times, Jerusalem was his principle ...
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