How Did King Richard III Die?

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Richard III at the age of 32 on August 22, 1485.
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King Richard III died in 1485 while fighting the Battle of Bosworth field against King Henry Tudor. His reign was the last of the House of York and also the end of the Plantagenet dynasty which began by the rule of King Henry II. His defeat and death was a very decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses. It is even famed to be the end of the Middle Ages. He died with many titles and honours to his name.
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( Born. 2 October 1452(1452-10-02) Fotheringhay Castle. Northamptonshire. Died. 22 August 1485 (aged 32) Bosworth Field. Leicestershire. Burial
King George III died at the age of 81. In the weeks before he died in 1820 he had lost his eyesight and was unable to walk along with not really knowing what was going on around him
Richard III was King of England from 1483 to
Richard III is usually portrayed as a hunchback. Sir Thomas More was only age 7 when Richard died, and he got most of his information from John Morton, Bishop of Ely who as a devoted
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Richard III king of England died in the battle field, he fought bravely but was hacked to death by the sword of his enemies, when they pounced on him and threw ...
Richard III was king of England for two years from 1483 till his death two years later. He became king after succeeding his brother, Edward IV. Initially he was ...
Richard III is famous for being the last King of England to die on the battle field as he was defeated by Henry Tudor VII at Bosworth and he was the last King ...
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